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Aqua-Audit Services: Since its establishment in 1999, Aqua-Audit has conducted on-site tests on over ninety wastewater treatment plants in Australia and New Zealand. Many of these plants are now tested on an annual basis.

The most frequently used services are:

  • Backpressure monitoring;

  • Off-gas testing; and

  • Acid vapour cleaning.

Aqua-Audit also conducts on-site SOTR testing from time to time, as well as full aeration system analyses. Energy efficiency audits and plant optimisation services offer particularly cost-effective returns.

In the course of the last 20 years, Aqua-Audit’s principal, Tom Lawson, has conducted tests on almost every type of diffuser in common use in Australasia. The inventory of results he has accumulated during this period provides a valuable resource against which to compare the data for each new plant tested.

Before founding Aqua-Audit Tom Lawson spent more than 15 years designing, supplying and conducting acceptance tests on a wide variety of aeration systems. He founded Aquatec Engineering in 1981, and was managing director of Aquatec-Maxcon from 1985 to 1997. He was involved in research and product development during much of this time, and successfully applied for patents for Aquatec-Maxcon’s AquaStar surface aerator and AquaBlade membrane diffuser.


If you are interested in discussing the performance of your aeration systems, or in having any site tests or acid vapour dosing work undertaken, please call or email Zac Kirkham.

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