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Diffuser Care
Look at this: These bubbles look quite nice, and are all the operator usually sees. But what’s really going on under the surface, and how can he know?

Bubble appearance gives only a rough guide to diffuser condition, and line pressure gauges yield but a crude indication of diffuser backpressure rises.

What can the operator do to find out more, and how can he best monitor and maintain his aeration system to achieve the most economic long-term result?

The two most frequently-performed site tests involve:

  • Periodic measurement of backpressure and air flow using portable instrumentation; and

  • Occasional direct measurement of oxygen transfer efficiency using off-gas techniques.

These tests are best undertaken in conjunction with regular diffuser cleaning operations using, for example, formic acid vapour injection.

Best practice involves measurement and cleaning operations annually or more frequently. The benefits include:

  • Accurate information on current diffuser condition;

  • Extended diffuser life between replacement operations; and

  • Energy cost savings of 25% and more.

Where can the operator best turn to for help?

What specific services can Aqua-Audit offer?

Aqua-Audit has been providing specialist test services for diffused air aeration systems since 2001. During this period, Aqua-Audit has performed on-site test services for over 90 wastewater treatment plants in Australia and New Zealand.
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