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Simple Measurments
Backpressure Monitoring: The simplest way of gauging the degree of diffuser deterioration is to measure increases in diffuser backpressure from the ‘as new’ condition.

Backpressure rises progressively as biological and other growths attach themselves to the diffuser surfaces and slowly begin to block the active slits or pores. Material property changes – such as slow hardening or shrinkage of elastomer compounds - can also contribute to gradual backpressure increases.

Aqua-Audit brings portable equipment to treatment plants to measure these changes. This equipment typically includes:

  • Annubar flow sensors to measure air flow to the grids being measured;

  • Digital manometers to measure annubar and diffuser backpressures to an accuracy of ~0.01kPA; and

  • A sinker weight and bubbler tube assembly.


The digital manometers are mounted on a panel, and all equipment is easily transported from site to site.

Measured backpressures and air flows are plotted in graphical form, and an annual programme of tests is recommended to trace the progression of backpressure increases from the ‘as new’ condition to the point where replacement should clearly be considered.

These charts are also very useful in highlighting the benefits of periodic cleaning operations.
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