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Aeration Diffuser Basics
Getting best performance from wastewater aeration systems: Fine bubble diffused air systems deliver high oxygen transfer efficiencies when new. But what happens to them after a few years’ service?

The diffusers slowly accumulate biological growths and inorganic material while their membranes may shrink and harden. As a result of these changes, oxygen transfer efficiency slowly deteriorates and blower power consumption rises.

Most wastewater treatment plant operators are too busy dealing with day-to-day problems to notice slow backpressure rises and efficiency losses. Some may even not be alerted until they have blower shutdowns or effluent quality problems.

But we now live in a new era of rising power charges and an increased need to curb greenhouse gas emissions. How can you manage your plants better?

You would do well to seek help from a highly experienced and practical consultancy such as Aqua-Audit.

Aqua-Audit has spent fifteen years measuring diffuser performance indicators, and helping client organisations get better life from their aeration systems. The cost of this service is quite small, and is usually handsomely repaid in power cost savings and longer diffuser service life.

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